Since I can remember, I always had very high expectations for myself and others around me. I wanted to try my best, and be the best.  I knew whatever I choose to be in life it would be to help others, and it needed to involve children.

I became a nanny in 2007, and absolutely loved the connections I made with parents and children. I knew I could do more with my talent.

Before the thought of launching Second City Nannies, I worked with other agencies searching for my next nanny position. It occurred to me that can do this too. I can be on the other side of the desk, asking the questions.

Second City Nannies opened for business in August of 2013.

I continued to work as a nanny/house manager in Chicago while building my agency. There were a lot of hiccups along the way, a lot of doubters, and thoughts of being in over my head. But I kept moving along and kept building my agency year by year, but I would not have it any other way.

Since launching the agency, I became a new mom after 16 years. Yikes!

Now, I am solely focused on Second City Nannies while caring for my now 3 year old son, and 19 year old daughter, married to the best cheerleader!

I am juggling talks with newbie moms, interviewing hopeful nannies, managing my website, and home. I am where I envisioned myself to be years ago when I decided that I could run a better agency.  


Marybell Przybylinski

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Christine Solum is the Placement Coordinator at Second City Nannies. She is responsible for assisting families in placing the most qualified nannies based on their needs and desires. Before starting with Second City Nannies, Christine was a career nanny of 5 years with over 10 years of prior experience as a part-time and temporary nanny in the Chicago-land area. She focused her work on primary care for newborns and toddlers and has grown with many different levels of families who continue to value her work within their lives.

Christine’s experience as a nanny makes her particularly driven to create lasting connections between families and nannies where she can provide support and education for future Second City Nannies. She is a considerate  listener and is truly dedicated to to understanding the needs of both her clients and candidates. Christine wants to help make a difference in people’s lives when it comes to their childcare and working with Second City Nannies allows her to do just that. 

 In her free time, Christine enjoys spending time with her family and dog. She also enjoys cooking, hosting parties with her friends, attending social events, exploring Chicago, as well as staying connected with families that she has worked with in the past.

 To contact Christine, email her at: